Cost Obsessions Around the World

Google’s autocomplete function provides suggestions derived from common Google searches by other users. Comparing autocomplete results for searches on different countries reveals how certain places »

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The Most Unique Jobs in the Top 50 U.S Metros

It is well known that each U.S. state is unique in terms of the employment opportunities available. But it turns out that the types of »

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How Much Does it Cost to Live The American Dream?

The answer depends on where you want to live. The American Dream of homeownership is no longer realistic for many Americans with middle class wages. Across »

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What Cost is each State Obsessed with

Weed, liposuction and laser eye surgery, according to Google Inc., rank among the top searched-for costs of popular products and services in Denver. While Colorado now »

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How Much Does a Software Developer Make in Every State?

While salaries for software developers remain hot in California, they’ve stayed cold in North Dakota. In the following analysis, Fixr sheds light on federal data »