5+ Architects in Fremont, CA

Construction Services

ECIFM Solutions Inc.

3160 Crow Canyon Rd,
San RamonCA 94583

eCIFM is an established architectural firm providing construction services to both commercial and institutional facilities and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) services to organizations ...

 1 Q&A -  7 pictures
 1 Q&A -  7 pictures

Architectural & Interior Design services

Sanborn Design Associates, Inc.

PenngroveCA 94951

An ideal vision of a peaceful, stable and life supporting living space is what Sanborn Design Associates, Inc. can offer! They can create a blueprint with intricacies and details you can collaborate with to create a rather personal approach the architectural design!

 1 Q&A -  1 picture
 1 Q&A -  1 picture

Full-service Architecture Company

Ojanen Chiou Architects, LLP

1290 Sutter St.,
San FranciscoCA 94109

When you are looking for top-quality architecture services, you can always rely on Ojanen Chiou Architects, LLP. They have been in the business for 6 years specializing in healthful and environmentally intelligent design solutions at a very affordable price. Give them a call now.

 8 pictures
 8 pictures

Architecture and Design Services

Hopkins Studio

1250 Addison Street,
BerkeleyCA 94702

The architects at Hopkins Studio are all licensed and Certified Green Building Professionals. Their architectural expertise is on modern residential designs that encompass interior remodels up to new custom homes.

 3 pictures
 3 pictures

Architectural Studio

Diebel and Company

P.O. Box 1044,
BurlingameCA 94010

Our company has been focusing on residential architecture service since 1990. We take our clients’ wishes and needs into consideration as well as their budget. We work closely with our clients to ...

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Remodeling cost guides

Architect Cost
Typical cost to hire an architect in Fremont (CA) is over 10 - 17% (of total building budget)