Install Downspout Cost

How much does it cost to install downspouts?

Most gutter systems require a downspout to be located roughly every thirty-five feet. This means that the average home, containing around 200 feet of gutters will require at least 6 downspout installations.

According to the website for Better Homes and Gardens the pricing on downspouts will range from "9.70 to $10.20 for galvanized steel, $4.80 to $7 for aluminum, and $5 to $8 for vinyl".

The prices quoted are for the purchase of materials by the DIY homeowner, and when a professional gutter company is hired to tackle the job the prices will tend to increase only marginally. For instance, aluminum downspouts being installed by a gutter company will usually require around $8 each.

Cost breakdown

For the downspout installation, the typical costs include:

  • Materials - costs for downspouts will need to include the elbows, outlet tube, a lower elbow and all of the connections required. There is also the need for fastening straps at six-foot intervals, and usually a "splash block" of some kind if the downspout will not be connected into gutter drainage;
  • Gutter Drainage - according to it will usually require no more than $160 to pay a professional to design and install a system for the drainage of gutter water away from the house or foundation. These systems are often tied into some sort of buried plumbing that channels the water away from the foundation of the home. The costs may increase if the system for drainage must also be installed. Consider that piping will need to be laid in a properly prepared trench, and that sand or gravel is also going to have to be delivered in order to fill the piping trench effectively; and
  • Labor - should the homeowner decide to get the work done by a professional, they will have to add only a bit more to their project budget. An experienced carpenter, contractor, or "handyman" can usually handle a downspout installation in a very short period of time. Most professionals will want to use only the "seamless" aluminum gutters, and this will actually help keep costs close to the DIY range for such a project.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Removal and Disposal - removing old downspouts and disposing of them (along with any other outdated gutter sections) will usually add to the total cost of the project. To pay a professional for the work will usually cost only $100;
  • Heat Tape - there are a wide range of heating tape products designed to drape across roofs and down into gutters and downspouts. These tapes will help with ice jams that are a frequent cause for gutters and downspouts to collapse. While a downspout installation is occurring it is also a great time to add heating tapes too; and
  • Downspout Screens - while many homeowners rely only on gutter guards, it is somewhat savvy to also consider installing downspout screens. These deflect debris away from the downspout and allow water to drain away.