Siding Repair Cost

How much does it cost to repair siding?

According to, the costs for vinyl repair will range from $300 to $1000. The variations in price are due to the usage of different materials. For example, vinyl siding will be the most affordable (and the easiest for the DIY homeowner to handle), while wood and steel options will be much higher in price and usually require professional assistance. In fact, there are some materials that may be so difficult to simply repair that it may require the homeowner to explore the costs for a complete residing of the building altogether.

Cost breakdown

For the purpose of this discussion we will take a general look at the costs and requirements for making siding repairs on buildings with vinyl, wood, and aluminum siding.

  • Vinyl - Interestingly enough, vinyl siding is one of the simplest to repair, and the most affordable, but it is also a bit tricky too. The average replacement of a damaged section will require:
    • A piece of vinyl that matches the existing siding which is usually less than $40 for a single piece (if this is unavailable through a standard retail outlet, the website will provide assessment and matching services for roughly $100);
    • A zip tool for properly removing the damaged section which is usually less than $8 to purchase;
    • Tin snips to trim the piece to size, which usually cost around $20 for a good pair;
    • A quick square to ensure accurate cutting and lines. This usually costs around $15; and
    • Screws or nails appropriate to the needs of the siding.
  • Wood - This form of siding may require somewhat more advanced carpentry skills and most homeowners will automatically request the services of an experienced professional. As mentioned above the carpenter will ask for $40 to $50 per hour, but may simply charge by section. For instance, most will ask for a set price per six foot section of wood siding repair or replacement, with the average price ranging from $100 to $150 per section - installed. This will not include any staining or painting, however. Additionally, when wood siding is being replaced it might be discovered that underlying water or insect damage has occurred as well, and this will also bump up the costs;
  • Aluminum - as already mentioned, there are not a lot of contractors willing to do a small repair on aluminum siding. Most prefer to reside the entire structure. Additionally, a pre-colored aluminum siding can be extremely difficult to match in color because of its tendency to fade over time. When a contractor does agree to do the repair, the costs will average between $500 and $900 depending upon the amount of labor involved in the process.

The DIY person can usually tackle the work in less than two hours' time, and if they opt to hire a carpenter for the job they will usually find that it requires between $40 and $50 per hour in labor costs.

Typical costs

Low: $300
High: $1000

Cost to repair siding varies greatly by region. Get free estimates from siding contractors in your city.


Siding Repair
$300 - $1000