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JFP Contracting

HastingsMI 49058

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was ONE LOCAL COMPANY that you could call for any and all kinds of work you need to have done on your house; a company staffed with qualified, friendly professionals; a ...

 5 Q&A -  2 pictures
 5 Q&A -  2 pictures

Complete Handyman Service

Brothers Do All

Grand RapidsMI 49508

Brothers Do All is a complete handyman service company.

Painting & Power-Washing

Two Veterans Painting and Power-Washing

MuskegonMI 49440

Two Veterans Painting and Power-Washing is here for all your painting and power-washing needs. We offer great prices and high quality work.

 2 Q&A
 2 Q&A

Electrostatic Painting

Fasttek Electrocoating

1466 N Marble Rd.,
TrufantMI 49347

We offer onsite electrostatic painting and have been in this business for thirty years. We are skilled in industrial and commercial applications and specialize in the following areas: Office ...

 8 pictures
 8 pictures