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About Chad's Medical & Relaxing Massage

Chad's is a provider of medical and relaxing massage and guarantees your complete satisfaction. We specialize in providing massages in homes and businesses, and we use mist lamps, essential oils, and calming music for your total relaxation and comfort.

We are licensed, insured, and ABMP certified business located in Arvada, CO.


Myofascia and medical massage.


I always use products organic. No chemicals are used in massage room. Biotone lotion with Bergamot and tea tree. Bergamot is made from orange peel and is rPelaxing. Tea tree is for preventing colds. Biofreeze when do medical massage. Cleaner use green works .

11723 W 71st Ave.
Arvada, CO 80004
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Chad Gollakner accepts cash, checks and Paypal

Certified by ABMP . Recommend from Swedish hospital. Associate degree from Heritage collage where taught by two

doctors of Chinese medicine.

Services offered

Do you have a regular degree or associates degree in massage therapy? Who recmends you?

How many hours massage need get better? Varies for every client. How often recomend get massage? Once week will keep in good health. What cause of injury? Ussaly bad posture and staying in same poition to long.

Helped my grampa be able walk again. After he broke his hip. With help my education and physical thnerapist.

Stress stored in neck and shoulders. Also lower back pain.

stretches and ways to avoid bad posture.Tell client exactly whatt issues i found.

That masssage can help broken bones. Massage can wake up part body. That goes sleep when body done growing bones. Muscle energy techineques can help get range motion back. Massage can help prent surgery in most injury.

Any documents you have from doctor on injury. How long has been since injury. Any allergies you have.

  • HI I'm Chad Gollakner LMT and owner
  • I got into business after bad accident with a semi
  • and another car while
  • doing 360's
  • Went from being in construction for 15 years who
  • can lift over 100 pounds to
  • man that couldn't even lift 5 pounds with messed up
  • spine and a constant head ace
  • The Physical therapist said i might need surgery and
  • sent me for some release from massage therapist
  • the first time I didn't feel a headache she told me
  • give massage a chance and refuse surgery for couple
  • weeks
  • I was sold on massage therapy took us 2 years
  • with physical therapists but i was all better with no
  • side affects

Varies on client who is boss in massage room.

Use a massage therapist who has associates degree. Which means trained in medical massage. That way therapist will be well trained. Be sure geting best results can get. Also try buy in quanity. Ussaly sale when you do. Like min buy 3 hours for $90.


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