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Milwaukee, WI

About Cybernet - Your Technology Partner

Cybernet is certified in various aspects of computer services and advanced network routing. We specialize in computer builds, network administration, virus removal and security cameras.

We specialize in network engineering, security IP systems, computer repair, graphic design and web based development located in Milwaukee, WI. We partner and resell with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, wireless devices, servers, software, routers and broadband cards.

We use subcontractors on larger projects to meet customer needs. Cybernet is minority, woman owned and MCSE certified offering competitive rates. We will pick up and drop off customer equipment. Please ask for details.

We will review your network and technology systems and present to you a report of areas where you will be able to increase efficiency and maximize revenue.

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  • Network engineering
  • Security IP systems
  • Computer repair
  • Graphic design
  • Web based development

534 W National Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
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George Belmontes accepts cash, checks and credit cards

Rental Services

Stop in and use our computers set up with head phones and video cameras for chatting, browsing, video editing or gaming. We also have 6 XBOX 360ís with XBOX LIVE. Retrieve your own account or use one of the 6 XBOX LIVE accounts that Cybernet has set up. Our systems are equipped with wireless remote controllers, headsets and stocked 250GB hard drive to save your progress. If you have your own hard drive or memory card, please feel free to bring it in and carry your saves from home to Cybernet.

Our download speed is fast so you won't have to worry about other customers or LAG on the network. An average of 15mb download speed is what you get per machine.


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