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HVAC in New Hampton, NY

New Hampton, NY

About Dave's Cooling & Heating

Dave's Cooling & Heating is a family-owned and operated HVAC company.

We are located in New Hampton, offering services in and around the area. We have an outstanding dedication to providing for our customers the satisfaction that they deserve.

We are committed to fixing any problem while maintaining a very competitive rate.

We make it our goal every time to serve clients with excellence, professionalism, and integrity.


We specialize in service, repair, and installation of air-conditioning and heating systems.

New Hampton, NY 10958
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Payment options
Dave Perez accepts cash, checks and credit cards
Cities served
Middletown, Monroe and New Hampton

We provide a 24-hour emergency service and a one-on-one question service.

We will also provide our customers with an annual maintenance service.


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