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Graphic Design in Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA

About Decom Design

Decom Design is a company specializing in corporate identity and branding, custom graphics, illustration, photography, animation 2D/3D and video editing.

We offer the following services:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Posters and Music Covers
  • Modeling 3D
  • Animation 2D/3D
  • Video Editing
  • Trade Show Display Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography (Events & Photoshoot)
  • Photo Retouching

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  • Corporate branding
  • Logo design
  • Posters & Music covers
  • Modeling 3D
  • Animation 2D/3D
  • Video editing
  • Trade show display design
  • Illustration
  • Photography (Events & Photoshoot)
  • Photo Retouching

Allentown, PA 18102
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Payment options
Daniel Decom accepts cash and Paypal
Cities served
Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia, Bronx, Staten Island, Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, Wilmington, Jamaica and other cities within 150 miles of Allentown.

Make sure the designer understands the demographic of your target audience and what message you are trying to promote.

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • What’s your specialty?
  • Have you worked on this kind of project before?



Daniel is a fantastic graphic designer. He is very professional and reliable, very creative and comes up with ways and great ideas in order to make the projects better and produce high quality material!

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