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About Dudley DoRight Home Improvements, LLC

Dudley DoRight Home Improvements offers handyman services since 1997. With us, all jobs are done right and at affordable prices. We specialize in homes and places of work.

Dudley DoRight is a handyman with down home work ethics. Get a live person on the phone; no answering service or secretary that can't answer your questions.


All types of Plumbing,Electrical,Interior Painting,Exterior Painting,Sheet Rock or Drywall Repair and install new also primer and paint,Ceilings finish and repair,Deck construction,also repair, stain,paint with wheel chair ramps. Handyman of all your jobs around the house and your place of business. Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel with also I do Basements for a other place for living instead of storage. Floors of all types as Wood, laminate, ceramic tile, stone tile, vynle, carpet,and another line of work is Porch builder,Insurance repars,replace water heater or repair


The Brands I work with are Kobalt,Sears,Skill,Dewalt,Porta Cable,Firestorm tools and products can vary because of the materials the costumer chooses and I don't mind if its not a cheap product that some I will not mention

Hickory, NC 28601
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Richard Kaczor accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards

Workers of America a business that looks out for the comsumers and the public.

Association of Handyman Professionals a group of contractors that meet to discuse the value of work and business.

Handyman Association as a member you have to qualafie in about all aspects of jobs that you do.

Cities served
Hickory, Newton, Taylorsville and Conover
Services offered

  • Would you call a plumber to paint or remodel your home?
  • Would you call a electrician to change out a water heater?
  • Would you call a painter to build you a deck or building?
  • ...Now You Can...
  • No Line of Contractors coming into your Home to do a
  • small Job or even a Big Job.
  • One Person
  • One Company
  • One Bill
  • Most Service People charge a service Fee to come out
  • and if you have two or more come out you must have a
  • Lot of Money or some call it Rich...Must be Nice....

Some days I would not wish that on an enemy but if they knew what some of us go through they would not hesitate to call us for our help instead they think all of us are getting Rich and some are you can tell by the trucks they drive and usually are over priced on their work and they have to so you can pay for all their payments and they Live high on the HOG.

I work way to cheap and some days I don't even know why I get out of bed but I do and I fill bad when the costumer seems like I over charged them but they call me back for more work and like the others I wish them luck finding another contractor to do the small jobs that I do.

My average Jobs per year are hard to determine with out a envetory because some of the jobs were so small I didn,t even make a profit maybe gas and a hamburger maybe I should of not said hamburger the goverment will consider that as a profit.

I have References if they ask plus some of my pictures because everyone doesn't have or use a computer.

Very small jobs is what I run into a lot. Where other people won't talk to you I will go out and take care of it and in the process make a few bucks and most of the time make a new friend and costumer that may have a friend that needs my Help.

That would be a hard one but I guess a Bathroom Remodel that ended up taking longer than I thought it would take but it turned out Great with all new fixtures but used the smae Tub since there was nothing wrong with it.

Tile all the way to the ceiling with new Toilet and sink plus a new vanitie the cost of material was probaly $8,000 and I'm not going to say what my profit was.

How long have you been in business? my answer would be over 15 years because I have done one or more since I was 20 years old.How many employees do you have? usually me and one other person usually takes care of any job.Are you insured? yes I am and that is one of the reasons we have to charge a little more

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • Are you insured?
  • Are you licensed?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Do you work with the BBB?
  • Do you have references?

They get my guarantee and a warranty if that type of job was required to have one and they can call me if any problem arises.In 15 years I have never had a call back. If they call me for another job and they ask if I can do a little thing on some thing else I usually can do it.In alot of situations they can get a Discount or just some Money knocked of.

I started out between jobs and needed extra money so I asked a friend if he needed help working with his Land lord on a painting job and so I was the one showing up for work every day where my fried stayed home and I started my Handyman business in 1997 and ended up working not only 15 years for my friends land lord I picked up other costumers and here I am today doing things that I never thought I would be doing.



Richard put granite tops in my kitchen. Is was a very difficult task! He was dependable, reliable very precise! It looks fantastic! He is definitely my go guy for jobs from now on! Thanks Richard!


I recently used Richard to install an above ground pool. Even though it was his first attempt at this type of installation, it all went smoothly. He also built a small deck and steps using composite materials. I was completely satisfied with his work and competitive labor costs!

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