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Mr. Granata is a musician, composer, teacher and author. With over 35 years with the guitar, he presently offers private guitar instruction through his company, Guitar-Instruction, LLC, when availability permits.

In 2003, he produced his first book, “An introduction to the Guitar” which was based in part on the first season here at RCTV 28. In 2007-2008, he published the first issue of the Guitar Instruction Magazine which can be picked up, while supplies last, at RCTV and HCTV.

He is presently working on his second book, “Basic Theory, Coupled with Scales Chords and Arpeggios.”


  • Guitar Instruction
  • Guitar Lessons
  • One on One Private Instruction,
  • First ½ hour Lesson is Free (In-House)
  • 30 years experience
  • All Ages, All Levels

**Learn to Read and Write Music,

  • Learn to Arrange and Compose
  • Improvisation, Ear Training,
  • Scales/Modes, Chord-Chemistry,
  • Learn Music Theory, Intervals,
  • Learn The Arpeggios, Fingering,

Mr. Anthony Granata

Composer, Guitar-player, Song & Score Writer


Well thats a good question, I have been very particular in the past of what I use, or what I would be willing to use. My very first real Guitar was an Aria Pro II made in Japan, I got it as a gift from my mom in 1978-79. I still have this guitar. During the course of times I had tried types of instruments such as; 12 strings, classical -guitars, and various electric Guitars. So if the question is what if any brand am I willing to endorse?, then my ans as it stands today is, The Aria Pro II music company, located in Japan. Fender Corporation USA in which I have purchased 4 to day a tele, two strats and what I would consider my #1 guitar today the Fender VG Stratocaster with the roland coms pickup. And finnally I would put my name to SIT strings, from my Prospective they are the best strings money can buy.

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Every year for the last 8 years Guitar-Instruction has been bordcasted Live on Comcast - Telivision. The show is on channel 28 and can be viewed by either comcast or if you have a high speed internet commection. All you need to do if you want to watch to show is long in. Thorugh the years I have had some of my very own students appear with me on Comcast Television, this is cannel 28. The web address is as follows; Two years ago we starting putting our younger students on loacl TV. Its has worked out really well and the parents of these young people love it.

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My students will be able to play and compose their own music. They will know how to read and write and arrange their songs!

My history with the Guitar started in 1977-78. I was takeing panio lessons and then it was suggested that I consider learning the guitar. At the time my father was still alive and he did encourage me to play.

It various depending on the year,-A few years back I attempted the Guitar-Instruction Mag, during that time in or about 2005 we came out with our first self-published book, "An introduction to the guitar" by yours truly -myself. At this time I am working on my the tv show as well as the second book "Scales Chords and Advanced Licks" We (I) have been working on this new book for almost three years, hopefully by this time next year on or about Feb 2014 it will be ready to print. I have sent a few letters to various music publishing companies for their feed back, but the jury is still out on which onr be will finally go with.


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