Joshua Underwood

Roofing Contractor in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH

About Joshua Underwood

My name is .Joshua Underwood. I am a roofing contractor in Cincinnati, Ohio with over 10 years of experience. I can work on slates, skylights, gutters, asphalt shingles, etc.

I am an expert in re-roofing, repairs, gutter cleanouts, and chimney flashing. I serve clients from Hamilton and Loveland.

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3302 Price Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45205
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Payment options
Joshua Underwood accepts cash
Cities served
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Middletown, Loveland, Fairfield, West Chester, Covington, Florence, Ft Mitchell, Newport and other cities within 50 miles of Cincinnati.
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He did good work on my house when roof needed repair.

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