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I am a professional mixologist/bartender for-hire, and I specialize in private parties and weddings. I am a highly rated number bartender on other Web sites, serving most of the regional Washington D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area.

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I specialize in frozen drinks and mixology as a whole. I am one of the few private travel-to-your-venue bartenders you find that brings his own pro blender.


I have worked with all brands and qualities of alcohol and mixers from Aristocrat Vodka to Kettle One or Belvedere, El Toro Tequila to Petron, Gran Legacy triple sec to Cointreau.

Germantown, MD 20874
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Payment options
Kenneth Brown accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $25 to $25

I obtained a professional bartending certificate when I completed a bartending course. I carry a card-size copy of the certificate on my person at all times. I am not affiliated with a bartending service--I am in business for myself.

Cities served
Washington, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Arlington, Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Bethesda and other cities within 90 miles of Germantown.
Services offered

The question perhaps most often asked is "how much alcohol do I need for...?" The answer to this question depends greatly both on the relative age range of the attendees and on the attendees' drink preferences. For instance, if the party is mainly for those in their 20's, the likely predominant drinks will be beer and/or shooters (1 1/2 ozs liquor + liqueur[s]). If the party is mainly for those in their 30's, the likely predominant drinks will be a bit broader--higher-cost beers, high ball drinks, wine, etc. These are generalities, but they surprisingly hold true in most cases.

This tends to fluctuate, especially with the economy in its current state, but I probably average around 8-10 projects or bartending gigs per year. That having been said, during the holiday season alone in 2011, I did 5 parties!

I've done mostly medium to large-sized private engagements: a Christmas party serving 50 - 75 people and a wedding engagement party serving 90 - 100 people are a sample and a good touchstone for my typical jobs.

I took a bartending course in 1996, and when I completed the course, I purchased a bartending kit (containing a Boston or pro-style shaker, strainer, bar spoon with muddler, pourer spouts, and a Rolodex of drink recipes). I have done this off-and-on since then.

An engagement party in Emeryville, CA, in which I served two signature drinks that were created by the person who hired me. I had to learn the drinks on the fly, but after serving 2-3 of each, I was mixing and serving them like old favorites that I have memorized. Many of the guests that I served had multiple servings of the same drink, because they liked them so much. If felt good, considering that I had never heard of the drinks and didn't know how to make them, until that day.

A top-notch bartender must be many things: a sociologist, psychologist, shoulder-to-lean-on, sports enthusiast, political analyst, and general world philosopher. Additionally, a bartender must obviously have the requisite know-how to perform specialized tasks such as layering for pousse-cafes, and lighting flamed drinks. Such tasks are not as easy as they sound and require practice, experience, and a bit of flare to perform successfully.

Anyone who plans to throw a party or wedding and needs to hire a bartender(s) for the occasion should know (1) the relative number of attendees expected; (2) the relative ages or an age range of the expected attendees; (3) the duration of the event. The bartender will need this information to provide you with an estimate of your alcohol and glassware needs and suggestions as to the type of drinks to be served. The duration of the party is important, because most bartenders charge hourly, so you will know how much the bartending services will cost for the event.

1. How much experience do you have?

4. What are your specialty or signature drinks, if any?

I always clean up the bar before leaving, including sweeping and mopping, wiping down the bar, itself, and re-capping any unused beverages, as well as bagging up the bar trash and recycling.

I typically recommend four things that can save customers a ton of money:

1. Unless you are planning a more intimate gathering or you just want a certain level of sophistication, opt for clear 10oz plastic cups and plastic wine "glasses"rather than real glassware. You will come off better than even renting real glassware.

2. Except for a very few uncommon items like fine mezcal or some exotic flavored syrups, you can get most of what you need in bulk at Costco.

3. If you want to serve several cocktails, do not be afraid to use low-end liquors such as Potters or Gilbey's. Most drinks with plenty of mixers and fruit do not require high-end liquor to taste good.

4. Ask your bartender before buying! You need much less than you think you do!

When I'm not traveling to parties and mixing up drinks, I have a regular 9-5 job in a law firm. Also, another hobby of mine, besides mixology, is playing the trombone.


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