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We offer a variety of services for you and your landscape needs such as tree trimming, haul-offs, gravel, decorative rock, custom stone work, concrete creations and driveways and routine maintenance.

We are a licensed company. We are not happy with our work until you are!



Concrete, small buildings such as sheds, car ports, patios, concrete creations, tree removal, gravel, decorative rock, routine maintenance. Anything outside we take care of it.


Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, Road Runner concrete, Mayan construction, Plant worof Jackalope, JPR gravel, Harolds trucking.

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OSHA certification. Concrete certification. Both received at Mayan construction. Climbing certification. Licenced in Rio Rancho NM. Landcape design Certification. Construction salesman, Forman, and framer R.D.Maynard constitution.

Cities served
Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas and Belen

Wedding cleaning up of the property and haul offs gravel work concrete helping of simple chores that are overwhelming for the elderly or for those who have no.time to do it themselves.

Total yard clean up and tear out as well as replacement of zero scape for a house that was flipped in a few weeks the home itself was a huge improvement but with the desert landscape the concrete driveway as well as the patio that was done on our part helped to tie it all together. The work alone was something to b proud of on everyones part but the communication between the other contractors and ourselves helped saved alot of time and money on the project. Which in return made a huge improvement on the the property manager who has asked to keep using our services as well as recommended us to more than a few friends.

I got started in high school working for an older classmate. As time went on to become of more use to him and myself I started buying my own tools and trucks and trailers. Aswell as meeting people whom work well and others who work not so well. Needless to say I've been lucky enough to keep a handful of great self driven individuals who not only care about their work but making all the right choices to be as efficient as possible even if thet see issues that I missed. This company has been built from the ground up mistakes have been made but only few have been repeated. We have been called opportunist by customers friends and family.

A to do list of all the things needed as far as the property is concerned. Try to have an idea of a free time to have the work done as well a time to have a time to meet with you to have a bid on the task at hand

Gather several bids and references from a few professionals. Be resourceful such as finding good materials on line for less than new prices or even used product off of sites like Craig'slist. Doing the simple prep work yourself if able will help lower cost aswell

We average about 150 to 200 projects a year being a smaller number only allows us to take better care of our customers. We tend to be overlooked in certain aspects but when finished our customers are more than satisfied with our final product.

Myself I would like to tell u that I am a person who if I am going to do something it will be done to completion as well as near perfection I expect the same in return from my employees and they do their best to do so. I simply ask them if it was their home how would they like it to be done. So with pride and accomplishment we do a walk through with the customer to make sure everything was completed to expectation.

Frequently asked questions are. Are you capable of routine clean up? Yes we offer plans as often as once a week if the yard is in need of it. Do we do lawn care and yes we do as often as anyone.

The things I would like our customers to know there is always more to Wat meets the eye in this line of work. For example if an older customer asked simply to weed the property we will not only gather all the weeds but pick up the trash and unwanted items that are there. It takes a little longer and they will never know since they sometimes cant leave the house but we will know and the neighbor will notice and ask the customer if they had seen Wat a great job we had done. This is just one sample of the little extra that we do.

We offer a professional invoice of a work order such as exact amounts on materials receipts fuel labor cost etc. It benefits the customer in a few ways, a tax write off, proof of purchase on our part as well as theirs for a landlord or to add property value in trying to sell their property. As well as a reference for further work and a warranty on our products.

Q. How long have you been in business? A.6 years in the trade Q. Do you have any references or images of prior work to demonstrate your skills? A. Yes we do here is a flyer and quite a few great references. Q. Are you licensed ? A. Yes Q. Are there warranties wits your work? A. Yes depending on the job.



He was very professional with personal service. He always goes above and beyond with all work done in a timely manner. I will recommend to anyone needing work done.

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