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Affordable Drum Lessons in Boston, MA

Boston, MA

About Max Holmberg

My name is Max Holmberg. I'm a student at Berklee College of Music, and I've been teaching drum lessons for over five years.

I'm primarily oriented towards intermediate to advanced students, though I teach beginners as well. I teach all styles except heavy metal.

I teach in Boston in the Fall and Spring, and Seattle in the Summer and the Winter.


Jazz, Hip Hop, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Cuban, Malinkan, Reggae, Rock, and Free Improvisation are all covered.

Boston, MA 02115
(206) 795-7822
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A potential drum student should ask themselves first where they want to go as a musician in terms of what styles of music to pursue and who to study from. Then they should take finances into account.

Once you learn the art of drumming, you always have it with you. You'll hear things differently, you'll play things differently (all the time), and enjoy music more.


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