Affordable Lawn Care Service in Thaxton, VA

Thaxton, VA


My name is Charles Sheppard of We offer quality lawn care services.

We will cut your lawn, trim your lawn and blow the clippings away for a very reasonable price.

We have been in business since 2004 when I was laid off.

We will do everything possible to satisfy our customers. Contact us today!


Lawn care, pressure washing the exterior of your home and PC support.


We have a John Deere F725 mower.

Thaxton, VA 24174
(540) 815-6498
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Payment options
Charles Sheppard accepts cash and checks

We have no certification or professional affiliations.

Cities served
Roanoke, Lynchburg, Salem and Thaxton

We weed-eat and blow clippings from hard surfaces.

The most common jobs are grass cutting and weed-eating.

Contact us for your lawn care needs and we will save you money.

I was laid off in 2004 and the was the beginning of

We did a mulching job and it looked really great.

If you let your grass get too long, when it is cut the clipping will lay on top of the lawn. Point being get your lawn cut weekly.

Mowing jobs. We will mow about 50 lawns this year.

PC support jobs: 3

We care about the jobs we do and take pride in doing jobs well. We will do everything possible to do a great job.

Having lot measurements would be helpful. Also if there is a fence, what size is the gate?



Mr. Sheppard provides me with excellent lawn care service. They are always on schedule, and my yard looks great! I would recommend them to anyone.

by does care. They did an excellent job cutting my lawn. They trimmed the weeds and clean off the sidewalk and driveway. My lawn looks great and all the neighbors are jealous. I will use for all my future lawn care needs.

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