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Learn to play the sax with a NY professional saxophonist.

I have played in concerts throughout the United States, Europe, and countries in Latin America. I have worked with the likes of Steve Lacy and Dado Moroni. My music is varied. I can play anything from classical to contemporary.

My saxophone students will have the opportunity to study from the comfort of their home or in my studio. I customize my lesson plans because I understand that every student has different needs and abilities.

I teach all aspects of music including reading, rhythm, sound development, and saxophone repertoire so that the student becomes a complete musician. Wherever your musical interests lie, I will help you realize your greatest musical ambitions!


Learn to play the sax with a NY pro Saxophonist


NZ studied at "Manhattan School of Music" and "The New School Jazz". He has performed thru the United States, Europe, and various countries of Central and South America, playing hundreds of concerts in a wide variety of styles, from Jazz to Classical to Contemporary and Modern Music, and exploring and playing traditional miusic from arround the world. Nestor Has played with Steve Lacy, Dado Moroni, Aldo Zunino, Jovinho Santos Neto, etc..

A Classical performer he has played concerts with various Symphony Orchestras and has been a guest artist to various universities.

As a composer Nestor Zurita has written hundreds of works for various instruments and especially on the development of the saxophone.

Nestor Zurita was also the Director of the Jazz Department and of the Classical Saxophone Program in the National Conservatory of Ecuador and has taught students in the Paris Conservatorie and at the Nicolo Paganini Concervatorie in Italy.He currently lives in Miami were he leads his Latin Jazz Ensamble.

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I will answer any questions the student might have.

What is your background in music?

Consider also what talent level you want when looking to hire a professional musician. Remember that you get what you pay for. A lot of cheap musicians can't or won't deliver the same level of professionalism or confidence as that of a slightly more expensive but more mature musician.

If the musician does not have a professional recording, it most likely that he is not that good!


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