Steve Muller

Skilled Craftsman/Construction /Licensed Specialty Contractor /Professional in Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC

About Steve Muller

2013 S.C. Specialty Contractor 2013


In the construction field, I specialized in commercial, residential, and retail outlet w/Fixture Installations

PLUS: Remodeling & Refurbishing Skilled Craftsman /Ceramic Tile /Painting & Drywall Finishing /Fill-in Superintendent /Lead man

Additional experiences /accomplishments: Manufacturing /Assembly /Order Picker /Warehouse Organizing & Inventories /Shipping & Receiving /Forklift Driver /Agenda Scheduling/Catering & Vending /Deliveries /Route Driver /Lawn Care /Yard Work /Tree Planting /Industrial Chemical Hopper Operator (Wet & Dry Blend Hoppers)


With my working with so many multifaceted brands /products, I sometimes feel as excited as a child in a candy store. Many products demand a change in application strategy, and I usually am right on top of these different recommendations.

Greenville, SC 29611
(864) 252-6762
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Robert Muller accepts cash and checks
Hourly rate: From $15 to $50

Currently, I am a Licensed S.C. Specialty Contractor (2013-2014). Furthermore, I am employed, on occasion, by one of several different staffing agencies- CLP Skilled Resources, Labor Finders, Labor Ready, Labor Smart, MDT Resources, Tradesmen International...

Through very recent employment in these companies, I have enjoyed working in diverse avenues of the construction trade. However, I do possess multiple years of construction accomplishments and expertise - working under OTHER general contractors and duly licensed residential builders - as an hourly and/or salaried employee. Above all, I have multiple clients of my own, which are highly satisfied with the finished product.

Cities served
Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Greer, Hendersonville, Easley, Simpsonville, Gaffney, Taylors, Seneca and other cities within 80 miles of Greenville.
Services offered

Sad to say, the most common type jobs I have encountered is "rework". That is to say, following behind someone else who was hired to do the work; then, my having to fix and repair numerous issues with their costly mistakes which needed to be made right.

What few people realize immediately about me is my heartfelt dedication, along with the the time and effort which I invest in every project I undertake. If you will review the answers I am sharing to all these questions presented to me here, you can better appreciate your wise choice in considering me for your job assignments and projects.

There is something greater than myself that drives me, motivates me and ignites the fire within my spirit. That FORCE stands behind that which can best be described as my gift, my blessing! I find immense pleasure and gratification in sharing my strengths, experiences, and understanding with others, and performing for them my craft above and beyond the norm.

As a good friend and previous coworker from the Bluegrass State once tried to say (we called him TOOFLESS WONDER), "I aim to please my own self... everybody else is tinkled pick!" (tickled pink) (LOL)

Through the patient teaching of a few accomplished and successful Grandfather clause general contractors and their apprentices, I became very highly skilled at general carpentry, fixture installations, specialty carpentry, construction, local and national building & fire codes. Moreover, I have thorough knowledge and accomplishments in the following: floor tile & grout work, painting & drywall finishing, plumbing & electrical upgrades, additions & refurbishing, remodels & restorations (working with, in, and around the public at all levels). Furthermore, I possess experience in warehousing & Industrial, shipping & receiving, forklift operating, organizing & inventories.

Finally, and to sum all this up, my skill and familiarity, concerning all these listed qualities, has put me in rank among the topmost candidates for ANY related job opening.

The most frequently asked questions that I get from folks usually are question related to my experience, my skills and abilities, and my areas of expertise. What they fail to realize at once is this: when I am hired for a job or even considering taking on a project (let's say the job pays me five 8 hour days), I spend countless hours on my own time, researching knowledge associated with the assignment, in order to get new insights, new methods of application, and to review mistakes made by other people which they may share in forums and on websites, etc. The secrets I learn along the way were never secret at all. The information is out there for someone who has the heart to care about the work that is to be done.

You may ask yourself: Can I afford the best?... Can I afford Steve Muller on my job?... Can I afford NOT having him to do my work?

I will stand behind my work to the best of my ability to rise on my feet another day. I will be available to contact 24/7 by phone call, text message or email.

I will ever make myself available to my employer.

It varies... I am never too busy. But on the other hand, when I have spare time between my projects and assignments, I am constantly bettering my productivity and craftsmanship!

It is hard to narrow a specific job down and label it as "the project or job I am most proud of"! As I have grown to perceive and understand PRIDE, there is good pride and bad pride. When someone takes pride in their work, that fact 'labels' the job they are doing NOW-at this very moment-as "the project or job I am most proud of"! This, to me, is a godly pride, a righteous pride!

Some of the most pressing issues in my heart for you to know and realize are common sense matters... such as: realize every Joe Schmoes is out to make a few dollars. So just because a person bought themselves a hammer and tape measure one day, doesn't make the person capable of satisfactory completion of your projects. I personally have talked customers out of doing work that I know in my heart is a bad idea or else didn't need to be done. In my profession /trade, I DO NOT want your job simply because I need a paycheck. No. There is PLENTY work and jobs I can go do that let me sleep well at nights.

For those looking to save money, I would recommend hiring someone, like myself, who has multiple years experience with accomplishing quality job turnovers; as well as,... let's face it... a man in my position has already made the costly mistakes which everyone hopes to avoid. This attribute of my experience highlights yet another PLUS. Namely-my previous costly mistakes are a lesson hard learned. So, why not take advantage of my knowledge in these crucial matters.

In my earlier years when I was doing subcontracting, the information I had always appreciated someone to have had was pictures and ability to email them. Of course, that was not a requirement for me to pursue a matter. However, you should realize that if I had ran around chasing every idea of work and repair which people had an itch to want done, it would seem an endless road. The time it would take wouldn't allow me doing anything else. So when a person took the prerogative to show their jobs and projects through pictures and descriptions, I could pretty well do an estimate without even cranking up my truck!



Steve is a good carpenter, is conscientious and dependable.


Robert has done a lot of work for me and my company. He is very particular about the quality of his work, and is good in every phase of construction work! I would recommend his work to anyone. Not hesitant to put my name on his work! Also is very considerate of the customer that he is doing work for. I will give my recommendation to all!


He is a God-fearing man. He does great work, he tries to make sure the work is right.


Many times I call upon Steve Muller to do handyman services and whatnot; as well as, using his services to bring restoration & upgrades to my parents' properties. Each time I do, I can count on his complete professionalization & tenderhearted care he puts into each undertaking, along with his craftsmanship and many years of expertise! I give Steve 2 THUMPS UP!!!

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