TC Yard-N-Cleanup

Cleanup & Truck for Hire in Dexter, OR

Dexter, OR

About TC Yard-N-Cleanup

TC Yard-N-Cleanup specializes in hauling off yard debris, trash and scrap metal. We also do goodwill runs, mowing fields and yards and pickup for hire.

We started 6 months ago and we get 2-10 jobs a week. We’re looking for more jobs. We serve Eugene and all surrounding locations.


landscaping and maintence

83733 Dexter Rd.
Dexter, OR 97431
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Payment options
Tim House accepts cash, checks and Paypal
Cities served
Springfield and Dexter
Services offered

freindly advice and future service if needed to help them out as long as they need...................

A customer should ask about my previous experience and what materials I use on the job and the price.


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