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Computer Repair and Maintenance in North Las Vegas, NV

North Las Vegas, NV

About Technician Platoon LLC Computer Repair and Solutions

Technician Platoon LLC Computer Repair and Solutions provides computer repair services and networking. We have been working with USAF for 4 years under contract. We provide office solutions, moves, roll outs, etc.

We have excellent pricing, loyalty discounts, and discounts for churches, military, police as well.

Services I offer include:

  • OS Re installation (Windows, MAC, Linux)
  • Data backup
  • Virtual machine setup
  • Driver installation
  • System Upgrades (RAM memory, Video cards, Sound cards, CD/DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Fix broken laptop screens and motherboards
  • Building a custom desktops
  • Installation of DSL/Cable Internet Connection
  • Installing Home internet connection via router/network and secure enabling it
  • Restore your desktop / laptop back to its original state from the day you purchased it brand new
  • Elimination Viruses, Spyware, Pop-ups
  • Installation of Antivirus/Spyware programs

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Desktop support (hardware, software, etc.). Networking and security.


Dell, Hp, Cisco, Linux, Mac, Microsoft--you name it, we have probably worked on it.

North Las Vegas, NV 89031
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Payment options
Technician Platoon accepts cash, checks and credit cards

MCP A+ MCSE BS Computer Science

Cities served
Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas

We honor our work and work to provide the best experience we can.

3 major projects such as roll-outs and moves per year.

We provide followup services as well as contract opportunities for maintenance of system. We can offer backups as well as office streamlining.

What type of experience do you have, and how do you feel about working with others and following directions?

I have been working with computers since 1983, started with my father working on mainframe systems, worked with fortran and legacy languages. Took some courses in high school and continued in college.

Your problem in detail, without trying to talk "tech." Customer should stick to straight talk and allow the tech to ask the proper questions in the direction they were being led.

Virus removal, screen repair, network connectivity problems.

Working on retired soldiers' systems and upgrading them for free through the vfw.

Coming to us for service. We provide the lowest cost per machine in Las Vegas.

How much is it to wipe my machine and put OS back on machine?



They were great, the tech answered all my questions and saved me money. I went to Laptop Exchange and got very high pricing and the guys at Tech Platoon charged me much less. I will always use them for my computer work. The guys are cute too. :)

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