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New Kensington, PA

About Tim's Computer Repair

Call 724 994 7965 -- Tim's Computer Repair provides computer repair and upgrade services for home users and small businesses located north, east, or northeast of downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

I change Windows 8 computers to Windows 7, set up wired and wireless networks, test and replace damaged hard drives, save customer data from computers, and a variety of other things too!

Contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment. See my web page at www.timscomputerrepair.net .


Home PC repair and computer installation/repair for businesses

New Kensington, PA 15068
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Payment options
Tim Klanica accepts cash and checks
Hourly rate: From $30 to $40
Cities served
Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Allison Park, Gibsonia, West Mifflin, Homestead and New Kensington

Telephone consultation and training on new software and antivirus programs



Tim rebuilt my Windows 8 computer to Windows 7, saved my files, and took the time to set up my printer and check my wife's computer and wireless network while he was here, and he didn't nickel and dime us with extra charges like the Best Buy Geek Squad would. I'm a happy customer! :)

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