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About Torres Seal Coat & Striping

We are a locally owned and family-operated business serving in and around Austin for more than 8 years. We are DBE & SMBR and HUD certified, and we are experts in designing and laying out parking lots that are traffic flow effective and ADA compliant. We perform residential and commercial work of all sizes.

Other services we provide are:

  • Line striping removal
  • Bollard pole installation and removal
  • Pressure Wash
  • Traffic sign and post installation
  • Install Car- stop
  • Asphalt pot hole repairs


Seal Coat ,Concrete repairs, Stencils, Striping Asphalt pot-hole repair

Hot crack sealing ,Car-Stops, Pressure wash ,Stop signs, New Lay-outs

Handicap signs.


Ours equipment are Power Liner Stripe Machine from Graco in which I own four. Each machine has their own color and have an extra one for back up. Our paint are ensure 100% good quality come from Traffic Product Paint Corp. Our Seal Coat STAYCOAT JC-7, is a coal tar emulsion sealcoat which we had designed specifically for our use. This material is manufactured according to our exact specifications specifications and meets ASTM D5727 and Federal Specifications RP-355-e.

  • Save money in the long run
  • Keep your pavement surface looking like new
  • Beautify your property
  • Protect against damage from sun, salt, and chemicals

Austin, TX 78753
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Payment options
Henry Torres accepts cash, checks and credit cards

I'm certified with the City of Austin as Minorliy Business Enterprise, HUB, DBE.

Also certified in Safety Services Company.

Cities served
San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Killeen, Round Rock, Bryan, College Station, Temple, New Braunfels, San Marcos and other cities within 150 miles of Austin.
Services offered

Good customer service often comes down to consistently checking in with my customers and making sure they are happy with my services, but also the process of purchasing, working with me. I provide good customer service, I know what selling, inside and out. I make sure I know how my service works. It's so important to me to ensure others to handling customer service tasks are always courteous and respectful. I ask them what they think of my services.

First year of 2008 we average 30 projects a year. 2009 average 50 a year. 2010 to 2013 average between 100 to 150 a year. 2014 half of the year we have average 100 projects and plus more.

I'm a very hard worker. I will always satisfy my customers at all costs. I'm a great planer as well as a perfect listener. What you say is what you get no exceptions!

The end of December 2013 we did Old Settler Market Shopping Center Round Rock Tx was one of the biggest project we did in seal coating & striping. While working on the job, a customer drove by asking for my business card. Within the next following week we did Kingdom Church on Sam Bass Round Texas 01/2014. I'm most proud of how happy my customers are with my consistent results.

Know what you want, how much you have to spend and how long you have before the project needs to be completed

Is the company licensed? Ask specific questions for specific projects. Is the contractor a member of any trade associations? Who are your main suppliers? May I see your previous work area that is recent? How long have you've been in business? Are you on site? Reviews from previous jobs from the last 2 years. What is your schedule?

How soon can you start the job? Are you onsite? What are your hours? Can I always get in contact with you? Can you work weekends and nights?

Our answers: I can start as soon as you give me the say so. Yes I am, I'm always onsite with all my projects. I can work days and nights weekends . Yes you can always contact me through my office or my cell. What ever you need me to do I'm there to satisfy all my customers!

seal coat answer: Knowing how much seal coat to use

Striping answers:

Take care of your striping now than later, it'll save you in the long run

Always make sure your lot is presentable and clean

Our most common type of jobs are office buildings, restaurants, and shopping centers, hotels, apartment's high ways, private property. We do anything that has to deal with our prevision. If the job is not listed we come out and inspect and will do free estimate.

I moved to Austin Texas in 1986. Started working for a gentlemen who was a self employee in striping business. After that I went to work for Wheeler Seat Coat & Striping continue to grow my experience in striping. In 2008, both my wife were lay off. We decide open our company in striping. In 2013 we started business in Seal Coating, since then business has been growing and continue to grow.

Parking lot striping is just cosmetic, it actually keeps your parking lot orderly. Without the proper order, your customers will have a very difficult time avoiding hitting each other, and you may find that you have more disgruntled customers than happy ones. Even if you're a bit worried about how things will work out for you financially next year, now is not the time to avoiding spending money on maintenance, which is exactly what parking lot striping is. Even if you're trying to save money, make sure you are keeping up with the maintenance of your building and property, as it will help to keep the business worth money.


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