Dogs Best Friends Pet Services Inc

House Cleaning/Pet Sitting in Millbury, MA

Millbury, MA

About Dogs Best Friends Pet Services Inc

Dogs Best Friends Pet Services Inc has been in business since 1998 caring for pets in Central Mass. Recently in 2012 we added house cleaning on as another service to our clients.

We offer services within 10 miles of Worcester normally. We are willing to travel up to 25 miles for a small fee.


Our Company specializes in both Pet Sitting and House Cleaning. We do clean empty homes and small offices


We work with the products our clients supply.

Millbury, MA 01527
Contact Andrea Rajotte
Payment options
Andrea Rajotte accepts cash, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $25 to $70
Cities served
Worcester, Shrewsbury and Millbury
Services offered

We have found that monthly and/or bi-weekly cleanings have been the most common.

Mid Day dog walks are the most common for the pet services.

When inquiring through any company please always send your contact information. Name, cell phone, email address, town you reside in and what you are looking for from the company.

We prefer to talk with the prospective clients directly and to meet with them and discuss in person what your needs are.

When hiring a legitimate business or company, One who holds Insurance, the rates will almost always be pricier than those who offer services part time or on the side. A legitimate business will almost never go down on their pricing. They figure out costs of maintaining a business when computing prices.

Even though I want to succeed and build my company, I also prefer to keep our company smaller than our big competitors. I think having a smaller staff is more personable.

We offer gift certificates and discounts for reviews and referrals

After working in Management both in Food and Retail and Security I needed a change. I have always had a passion for owning my own businesses and a passion for all animals. When my son was little I wanted a flexible job so I could be home with him and that was when I first opened Dogs Best Friends Pet Services Inc

I would recommend finding one or two good cleaning agents that can be used on multiple surfaces.

Take advantage of any and all discounts we offer.

Knowing that after completing tasks for our clients and being appreciated for our time is the what we are most proud of.

  • Are you insured? YES
  • Do you have references? Yes
  • Are they willing to have a back ground check? Yes
  • Are you a business with staff? Yes
  • Do you do this full time or part time? Full Time
  • What form of payment do they accept? cash, online payments
  • Do you have policies, procedures and contracts? Yes
  • What days do you clean? Monday-Friday
  • What hours do you work? cleanings are booked by appointment

What are your rates? We charge by the hour and by the job. We charge for extra services. The best way to determine what the cost will be for your home is through a meet and greet.


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