25+ General Contractors in Sugar Land, TX

Local Contracting Service Provider

Turnkey Painting Plus and Remodeling

10422 Rockley Rd,
HoustonTX 77099

Contractors at Turnkey Painting Plus and Remodeling have more than 27 years of professional experience in the residential and commercial contracting business. If you need any contracting job done, you know you can always rely on Turnkey Painting Plus!

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 3 pictures

Contracting Business

Ktech Construction

10726 Sunflower Drive,
WillisTX 77318

Contracting jobs are taxing, but not for Ktech Construction! They provide building, repair, and restoration services for both commercial and residential clients. To get a free estimate, call them today!

 14 Q&A -  1 picture
 14 Q&A -  1 picture

Top-Rated General Contractors

203k General Contractors

HoustonTX 77054

Do you have general works for your home or office? 203k General Contractors is a recommended general contractor that provides superb interior or exterior construction, installations and repairs, as well as realistic estimates! They also provide a CAD Drawing to show the final remodeled look.

 14 Q&A -  6 pictures
 14 Q&A -  6 pictures

Reputable General Contractor

Texas National Contractors, LLC

142 Applewhite Dr.,
KatyTX 77450

Texas National Contractors offers a wide range of construction services such as additions of kitchen and bathrooms, room expansion and restoration and more! They are BBB Accredited and have been providing not only high quality but affordable services for 20 years! Call for details!

 10 Q&A -  7 pictures
 10 Q&A -  7 pictures

General Works for Home and Business Spaces

Accent General Contracting, Inc.

HoustonTX 77081

Accent General Contracting, Inc. is an established provider of general services like room expansion, home repairs, and rebuilding. Their goal is to give your home or building a more pleasing look thus increasing its value! Call to get more details!

 6 Q&A -  1 picture
 6 Q&A -  1 picture

Home Maintenance

Flip Team Management, LLC

KatyTX 77450

Home remodel, handy man, property management, house flipping

 9 Q&A -  2 pictures
 9 Q&A -  2 pictures

Residential and Commercial Renovation

Houston Remodeling Contractors

1235 Blalock Road,
HoustonTX 77055

If you can dream it, we can build it! Houston Remodeling Contractors has an established track-record of completing beautiful renovations of residential and commercial facilities throughout the ...

 1 Q&A -  7 pictures
 1 Q&A -  7 pictures

Over-all Contractor Services

Gryphon Builders

4125 Hollister St., Suite B,
HoustonTX 77080

For major and minor general construction services, Gryphon Builders is the one! Revamp your office and make it look professional. Remodel your home to make it cozy and safe for the whole family. Call Gryphon Builders today!

 1 Q&A -  3 pictures
 1 Q&A -  3 pictures

Licensed and Accredited General Contractors

Rite Construction Services, Inc.

401 Senna Ave.,
HoustonTX 77001

Rite Construction Services, Inc. is the right contractor for your next home makeover. They specialize in home building and expansion, post construction cleanup and more! They are licensed and provide the most affordable construction services!

 1 Q&A
 1 Q&A

Foundation Repair

Level Pro Home Services Inc.

920 Murphy Road Suite C,
StaffordTX 77477

The majority of foundation repair jobs are able to be completed in a single day. This type of quick installation gives the plants that are removed for installation of the piers a much better chance ...

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 7 pictures

Overall Contracting Services

RCI Renovations By Design

HoustonTX 77019

For budget and on-time general construction, repair, and installation jobs, RCI Renovations By Design is your best option. They deliver their services on time, and assure customer satisfaction. For estimates and inquiries, call them today!

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 2 pictures

Highly Accountable Building Contractor

Modern Amenity Homes, Inc.

2151 Harvey Mitchell Parkway S.Suite 215,
College StationTX 77840

From minor to major construction needs, the highly accountable company to call is Modern Amenity Homes, Inc. They are unmatched by any other major company for their high-quality services offered to clients. 100% customer service guaranteed to all projects!

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 1 picture

General Contractor Specialized in Water Damage Restoration

EZ-DRY Restoration

11200 Westheimer Rd,
HoustonTX 77042

EZ-DRY Restorations a full service water Remediation Company. Water damage can't be forever. There is no water damage that EZ Dry Restoration can't remedy. Give a call now to find solution for water damage restoration needs.

 1 Q&A -  1 picture
 1 Q&A -  1 picture

Specialized General Contractor

Houston Tile Works

WallisTX 77485

Restore the beauty of your residential or commercial space by getting the service oriented professionals from Houston Tile Works. They can help you with your general construction needs. Services include bathroom remodeling, major home repairs and more.

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 24 pictures

Residential and Commercial Building Contractors

Richmond Roofing Service

6731 Pickett Dr.,
RichmondTX 77469

Need to have your homes or commercial structures rebuilt or renovated? Richmond Residential Commercial Roofing offers a top quality general construction services to residential and commercial customers. They accept new construction, major renovation, and extension of existing structures.

Approved General Contractors

Sterling Bilt General Contracting

SpringTX 77379

Sterling Bilt General Contracting has the proper experience in construction works. Many have come to them for general works like expansion and home repairs, basement improvement, and other related services! They work fast and proficiently! Call for a free quote!

 1 Q&A
 1 Q&A

Trusted for Quality Construction Services

Victor & Rocky's Remodeling

1816 Chapman,
HoustonTX 77009

Do you want to increase the value of your house? Victor & Rocky's Remodeling specializes in home exterior and interior makeover, home additions, and expansions. They are fully equipped and have skilled workers to give your house a more sophisticated look at a minimum cost!

 3 Q&A
 3 Q&A

Eco-Friendly Contracting Services

Green Custom Homes

KatyTX 77450

If youre environment-conscious and you require some installation and repairs done in your home, hire a general contractor from Green Custom Homes to do the job efficiently. Contact them for inquiries and quotes.

General Contracting Services

FMTZ Construction

HoustonTX 77002

Remodel your home or office with the help of Felix Martinez Construction Company, a contractor company thats been around for almost two decades. They do building and rebuilding services like no one else!

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 1 picture

Experienced General Construction Consultant

Zeller and Associates

HoustonTX 77060

Are you planning to improve the look of your home? Allow Zeller and Associates to help you determine the best solutions for a functional and fun space. Specializing in home additions, repairs to post construction cleanups and more! Name it and theyre ready to do it!

$50.00 to $75.00 / hour
$50.00 to $75.00 / hour

General Contractor

Capital Engineer Construction

12703 Laurel Bank Way,
HoustonTX 77014

Whatever contracting jobs you need, union company Capital Engineer Construction can help you with it. They offer contractor work and the like to commercial and institutional buildings, as well as residential homes.

General Custom Builders

R&D Clean Construction

2818 S Bartell Dr.,
HoustonTX 77054

If youre planning to expand and maximize your space, then hire only the best contractor. R&D Clean Construction is always ready to finish your request quick yet detailed for your satisfaction! They handle kitchen & bathroom repairs, room additions and more!

General Contracting Services

Knights General Contractors

2824 Jana, Ln.,
PasadenaTX 77503

Knights General Contractors serves the Pasadena and surrounding areas with quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Reliable and Affordable Construction Services

Renovative Construction Services LLC

1525 North Main St., Ste 8,
PearlandTX 77581

Do you plan to expand your space? Renovative Construction Services LLC. is known for its detailed and budget-friendly residential and commercial construction services. Their diligent workers can do general work fast and effectively! Call for more information!

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 1 picture

Full Service General Contractors

Fiesta Construction Co.

12288 Westheimer Rd.,
HoustonTX 77077

Get one contractor to handle all your construction needs. Call Fiesta Construction Co., with the goal to meet your needs, they provide high-quality workmanship. Services offered room and other home additions, kitchen, bathroom remodeling and more.

 6 pictures
 6 pictures

All-around General Builder

On The Spot Builders, Inc.

901 Cortlandt St,
HoustonTX 77008

Do you want to add facilities to your place like a swimming pool or an addition to your home? On The Spot Builders, Inc. is popular among real estate investors and homeowners for their complete construction services! They have more than 25 years of expertise yet charges modestly!