What Cost is each State Obsessed with

Weed, liposuction and laser eye surgery, according to Google Inc., rank among the top searched-for costs of popular products and services in Denver. While Colorado now permits recreational uses of marijuana — including its alleged side effects, such as excessive hunger and bloodshot eyes — what are some of the autocomplete predictions of search queries for goods and services elsewhere? Most of them seem quite controversial.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma City, the capital city of Oklahoma, searches for breast lift remain popular. The costs of liposuction, gas and daycare also list among the top, according to Google’s autocomplete results.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Gasoline remains hot among popular search queries for costs in Honolulu. Autocomplete results for costs in the capital city of Hawaii additionally include food, milk, taxicabs and public transportation.

Sacramento, California

Facelifts top Google’s predictions for web searches related to costs for goods and services in Sacramento. According to autocomplete results, people in California’s capital city frequently search for the prices of tummy tucks, swimming pools and marriage licenses.

Bismarck, North Dakota

In Bismarck, the cost of “a minor,” according to Google’s autocomplete predictions, ranks first among popular searches for prices in the capital city of North Dakota.

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