Need a meal service in Berkeley, CA?

Catering Services

LivermoreCA 94551

Whether you're a bride planning her dream wedding, a corporate in charge of an extravagant party, or a mom in need of a dinner on a budget, Gourmet Catering has the menu and services for you.

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 3 Q&A -  1 picture

" My Kitchen In Your Kitchen"

Santa RosaCA 95407

The Brass Spatula Personal Chef and Catering Service provides full service wedding catering,in-home catering including vacation, services, romantic dinner and massage packages,interactive dinner ...

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 4 pictures

Parties & Events Caterer

San FranciscoCA 94122

We cater for 2 people to 250 for weddings, small or large dinner parties and any kinds of events. We have meetings and tastings with our clients.

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 1 Q&A -  11 pictures

Remodeling cost guides

Land Clearing and Site Preparation Cost
Typical cost to clear land to build a house in Berkeley is over $4,870 (clearing and preparing to build an one-acre piece of land with moderate vegetation and rocks)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Typical cost to clean walls in Berkeley is around $830 (1,200 sq. ft., three bedroom, one bath, with painted or wood walls)

Christmas Light Service Cost
Typical average cost to install christmas lights in Berkeley is about $630 (installing led christmas lights on a 1,500 sq. ft. home)

Junk Removal Service Cost
Typical cost to hire a junk removal service in Berkeley is around $350 (240 cubic feet, half load of a junk removal truck or dumpster, including the labor of cleaning, sorting, and loading junk)

House Cleaning Service Cost
Typical cost to hire a house cleaning service in Berkeley is about $310 (hand-cleaning an average-sized house)