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1+ Window Contractors in Berkeley, CA

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BerkeleyCA 94701

For your window installation needs, you can count on DMC Construction Repair! They have been installing windows and doors for residential clients since 2002. Customer service is their priority!

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 7 pictures
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Remodeling cost guides

Window Screen Installation Cost
Typical cost to install window screens in Berkeley is about $420 (new standard screens stretched and installed for the entire house)

Window Frame Repair Cost
Typical average cost to repair a window frame in Berkeley is around $670 (40 x 55 inches - aluminium frame)

Window Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to hire window cleaning services in Berkeley is around $210 - $630 (clean 22 standard exterior windows and full screens)

Window Shades Cost
Total cost to install window shades in Berkeley is over $830 - $1,390 (installation of 8 cord roman shades mounted inside of the window)

Egress Window Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install an egress window in Berkeley is around $3,480 - $5,560 (prefabricated below ground egress window)