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1+ Pool Maintenance Services in Burbank, CA

Children’s Furniture

BurbankCA 91506

Besides the vast array of children’s furniture, we feature an excellent selection of complimentary accessories including strollers, rocking chairs, bedding, desks, storage benches and toy chests.

an affordable tech repair shop!

BurbankCA 91506

We provide repair services for: ANY type of Computer, Laptop, Netbook, or All-In-One System (PC, Linux, & Apple / Mac), ANY Apple iDevice (MacTV, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc.), ANY Brand Tablet, ANY ...

 2 Q&A -  11 pictures
 2 Q&A -  11 pictures
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Remodeling cost guides

Build Natural Pool Cost
Average cost to build a natural pool in Burbank is about $78,400 (building a natural concrete-lined swimming pool with stairs and a small deck)

Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost
Typical average cost to maintain a swimming pool in Burbank is around $840 (monthly pool service during summer months)

Build Swimming Pool Cost
Typical cost to build a swimming pool in Burbank is around $28,780 - $33,150 (32' x 16' vinyl inground pool)

Infinity Pool Cost
Typical cost to build an infinity pool in Burbank is about $100,800 - $117,600 (12’ x 24’ fiberglass infinity pool)

Swimming Pool Leak Repair Cost
Average cost to repair a swimming pool leak in Burbank is around $340
(minor leak, easily repaired) to $5,600
(major leak, liner replacement or replastering)