3+ Tree Service Contractors in Elk Grove, CA

Tree Service

SacramentoCA 95842

Our services include: Tree trimming, pruning and grooming, Complete removals, Stump grinding and/or removals

$65.00 to $100.00 / hour
$65.00 to $100.00 / hour

Tree Removal and Trimming

SacramentoCA 95823

We're a fully licensed and insured company of arborists. We don't just manage trees, we look at the entire ecosystem around it making sure you experience a pleasing landscape.

Tree and Stump Removal

Citrus HeightsCA 95621

RAP Tree and Stump Removal, Inc. specializes in cutting down various size trees, removing the stump (tree trunk) and the surface roots through a grinder, and removing the debris that is not desired ...

Tree Trimming and Removal

Shingle SpringsCA 95682

We work hard to service our community and hope that our family of happy customers will not only continue to use our tree services but also recommend us to others. The best advice someone can get is ...

 5 pictures
 5 pictures

Remodeling cost guides

Tree Pruning Cost
Typical cost to prune a tree in Elk Grove is over $480 (pruning a 30-foot apple tree)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Total cost to clean walls in Elk Grove is over $640 (1,200 sq. ft., three bedroom, one bath, with painted or wood walls)

Locksmith Services Cost
Total cost to hire a locksmith in Elk Grove is about $160 (rekey house lock and replace a set of keys)

Yard Clean-Up Service Cost
Average cost to hire a yard clean-up service in Elk Grove is around $370 (basic leaf clean-up and yard debris removal in a ¼ acre yard without additional maintenance, yard waste bagged and removed)

Tree Removal Cost
Total cost to remove a tree in Elk Grove is around $460 (medium tree removal, between 19 and 24 inches in diameter, including the stump)