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1+ Carpet Cleaners in Pomona, CA

Carpet, Air Duct & Upholstery Cleaning

PomonaCA 91767

Discover if you can find any best deals available for that carpet cleaning you need to get carried out. Try to check out your phone book, it is probably the areas most people.

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Carpet Cleaning

PomonaCA 91766

We know that you will be more than happy that we have cleaned your home for you, and without a doubt, we guarantee that your home is going to look incredibly stunning once again. What are you waiting ...

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Remodeling cost guides

House Cleaning Service Cost
Average cost to hire a house cleaning service in Pomona is over $90 - $150 (weekly cleaning - 2000 sq.ft home)

Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to clean a dryer vent in Pomona is about $110 - $540 (cleaning, moldy lint disposal and bird nest removal)

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean air ducts in Pomona is over $890 - $1,190 (complex air duct system cleaning and pest control)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Average cost clean your walls in Pomona is over $1,070 (interior wall cleaning, second cleaning and cleaning of 3 ceiling fans)

Roof Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean a roof in Pomona is around $360 - $360 (low pressure wash with minor upgrades)