3+ Irrigation & Sprinkler Contractors in San Jose, CA

Landscape Design, Installation, Maintenance, Irrigation (sprinkler) System Design, Management, Troubleshooting & Repair

ATR Landscape

San Jose, California,
San JoseCA 95123

Over 21 Years of Landscape Industry Knowledge, Education, Research, Field Experience & Customer Service. All Our Services are "Money Back Guaranteed" & "In Writing". Providing; Landscape Maintenance ...

$35.00 to $65.00 / hour -  13 Q&A -  16 pictures
$35.00 to $65.00 / hour -  13 Q&A -  16 pictures

Quality Landscaping Services

Sunnyhill Landscaping

1680 Hertel Lane,
San MartinCA 95046

Sunnyhill Landscaping has been providing full landscape maintenance services to commercial, HOA, and residential customers in the South Bay since 1998.

$35.00 to $75.00 / hour -  1 Q&A -  5 pictures
$35.00 to $75.00 / hour -  1 Q&A -  5 pictures

Affordable Lawn Care

Chris Scott

SacramentoCA 95815

Hi, Iím Chris Scott. I provide affordable lawn care services. My services include: Basic mowing, Blowing, Edging, Installation, Irrigation, Custom designs, Lighting, Waterfalls, Ponds

Remodeling Contractor


San JoseCA 95128

Airmasters remodels home, flip them for investors, or just put our one touch to your own home. We have the best painters for interior or exterior painting. We also do HVAC, heaters, air conditioning ...

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Remodeling cost guides

Sprinkler System Cost
Typical cost to install a sprinkler system in San Jose is around $3,330-$4,660 (standard professionally installed system)