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1+ Concrete Contractors in Simi Valley, CA

Concrete Contractor

Simi ValleyCA 93063

We specialize in concrete services in Southern California and Los Angeles area. Spragues has been providing quality products and services for more than 80 years.

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Specialty Concrete Supplier

Simi ValleyCA 93063

Contact Spragues’ Ready Mix Concrete for all your concrete supply needs!

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Remodeling cost guides

Concrete Floor Coating Cost
Average cost to apply concrete floor coating in Simi Valley is about $400 - $800 (thin coat epoxy, plus stain on a 200 sq.ft. garage floor)

Patch a Concrete Driveway Cost
Average cost to patch a concrete driveway in Simi Valley is around $3 - $5 (per square foot)

Concrete Removal Cost
Typical cost to remove concrete in Simi Valley is over $1,500-$2,500 (removal of a 2 car driveway, unreinforced concrete and no disposal fees)

Concrete Foundation Cost
Average cost to build a house foundation in Simi Valley is over $11,000 (1,000-square-foot slab foundation with moderate site prep and excavation)