5+ Window Contractors in Boulder, CO

Quality and Affordable Remodeling Services

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Windows, Patio and Decks

LittletonCO 80130
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Home Improvement

DenverCO 80210

Window Replacement

BroomfieldCO 80020

Custom Glass Products

LongmontCO 80501

Window Replacement and Installation

BroomfieldCO 80020
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Remodeling cost guides

Window Glass Replacement Cost
Typical cost to replace a window glass in Boulder is about $360 (replace clear glass in a 30” x 36” sliding double-pane window)

Window Repair Cost
Typical average cost to repair a window in Boulder is around $340 (sash replacement in a double-hung window)

Window Screen Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install window screens in Boulder is over $190 (installation of an adjustable stainless steel screen on two standard 2’ x 3’ windows)

Window Blinds Cost
Total cost to install window blinds in Boulder is around $670 (faux wood vertical blinds on 8 windows of 24 x 36-inches)

Window Trim Cost
Average cost to install window trim in Boulder is over $190 (painted craftsman cedar exterior trim for a double-hung window)