5+ Tree Service Contractors in Waterbury, CT

Tree Services

West HavenCT 06516

Tree Service

JamaicaNY 11435
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 1 Q&A

Snow Plowing, Roof Shoveling and Tree Cutting

BethelCT 06801
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 14 Q&A -  2 pictures

Outdoor Structure Demolition and General Debris Removal

OxfordCT 06478
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 10 Q&A -  3 pictures

Remodeling cost guides

Tree Pruning Cost
Average cost to prune a tree in Waterbury is around $540 (pruning a 30-foot apple tree)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Typical average cost to clean walls in Waterbury is about $730 (1,200 sq. ft., three bedroom, one bath, with painted or wood walls)

Locksmith Services Cost
Typical cost to hire a locksmith in Waterbury is around $180 (rekey house lock and replace a set of keys)

Yard Clean-Up Service Cost
Total cost to hire a yard clean-up service in Waterbury is about $420 (basic leaf clean-up and yard debris removal in a ¼ acre yard without additional maintenance, yard waste bagged and removed)

Tree Removal Cost
Typical cost to remove a tree in Waterbury is about $530 (medium tree removal, between 19 and 24 inches in diameter, including the stump)