5+ Interior Designers in Naperville, IL

Remodeling Contractor

Lotz Renovations, Inc.

HampshireIL 60140
 14 Q&A -  39 pictures
 14 Q&A -  39 pictures

Custom Cabinet

Fox River Cabinets

1276 E. Chicago Ave, Suite104,
NapervilleIL 60540

Profitable Property Transformations

Rooms Redux Chicago, Inc.

ChicagoIL 60660

Chicago Interior Designer

Martins Buka

Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618,
ChicagoIL 60618
 3 Q&A -  1 picture
 3 Q&A -  1 picture

Design and Construction Services

JAWA-CM Services

700 North Green Street, #204,
ChicagoIL 60290
 3 pictures
 3 pictures
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Remodeling cost guides

Interior Painting Cost
Typical cost to paint the whole house in Naperville is over $2,500 - $5,290 (living room, hallways, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms)

Interior Design Cost
Typical cost to hire an interior designer in Naperville is about $70 - $290 (per hour, small project)

Interior Staircase Installation Cost
Typical cost to install an interior staircase in Naperville is about $5,880

Feng Shui Design Cost
Average cost to implement feng shui design in Naperville is about $740 (one in-person consultation for an average home by a consultant)

Interior Door Cost
Typical cost to install an interior door in Naperville is about $740 (wood slab door plus painting)