About Fixr.com

Fixr aims to be a space that eliminates the frustrations of home improvement projects, with resources and accredited contractors a click away.

Fixr.com was founded in 2008 when we realized the numerous amount of doubts there are when it comes to any remodeling, building, or repair project.

That is why we put all our efforts into creating thorough resources that answer every question you may have about your project - from cost information and important considerations to hiring advice and industry trends. When you carry out your next remodel, you will have all the information you need.

Moreover, we also connect you with the best professionals in your area, knowing that they are headed in the right direction when you decide to take the next step forward.

Your home-related source of information

Fixr.com has more than 600+ cost guides and articles that assign ballpark figures to home remodeling projects and aim to provide all the necessary information for each remodeling project.

How do we create our guides and articles?

Step 1

In-depth research

Our specialized writers and cost researchers consult cost studies, U.S. government reports and a wide variety of other publications they use as sources.

Step 2

Writing process

Our team edits, proofreads, and checks that all the prices and information are consistent and provide all the necessary information.

Step 3

Expert review

We partner with industry experts to ensure our information is accurate, up to date, and based on the latest research.

Your connection with professionals

We also connect you with top professionals in your area, so when it is time to take the next step forward with your project, you will know that you have made the best decision.

What is different about Fixr.com?


We provide cost guides, articles, and hundreds of illustrations to help you gain a deeper understanding of home-related projects.


Our content is written by cost researchers and writers with provable experience in the home improvement industry and are constantly reviewed by industry experts.


We are a vendor-independent resource and we do not have ads on our site.

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