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Hilarious Posters/Bloggers Needed

FixR.com is a website in which homeowners list their home remodeling projects and contractors submit estimates to compete.

When a user lists his/her request, s/he must describe the request with a much detail as possible, including pictures, etc.

Funny Posts

We are looking for hilarious bloggers who will post a job request at FixR.com as if you were a fictional (or not) character looking for quotes from contractors (plumbers, gardeners, interior designers, remodelers, etc.)

  • You must pretend you are a FICTIONAL (preferably) character who needs something done and is submitting a project
  • The content of the post must be FUNNY and ABSURD and not offensive
  • Use popular fictional characters from movies, books, video-games, etc. preferred
  • Use of current, trendy characters is better, although not necessary
  • All posts must be accompanied by at least one image
  • The post must be FUNNY and resonate with the audience who is familiar with the character (e.g. if you do one about Star Wars, the post must be funny for Star Wars fans)
  • UPDATED: All categories in FIXR.COM allowed EXCEPT: Child/Senior Care, Hobby, Personal services, Lessons, Tutoring, IT, Telecom, TV

How to apply

Send us an email to fakejobs@fixr.com with the following info:

  • Job title (MUST be funny) in the subject
  • Job description (HTML is OK)
  • Category (you must pick ONE category out of the categories listed at the FixR.com website)
  • Attach supporting images (include at least one image)

All content must be original (and must not be published before). By sending it to us you grant us permission to use it in a post it in our website.

Payments and Bonus

  • We'll pay you (paypal) $20 per published post. We submit payments each FRI
  • The best post of the month gets a bonus of $80
  • We reserve the right to publish the post (or not)

Sample Entry

We recently did one about Darth Vader badly needing a kitchen remodel:


From time to time we may propose ideas (e.g. creating one about Lord Voldemort was requesting some kind of estimate) but we are generally open for ideas.

Sample Posts

Bigfoot needs big shoe closet

Tarzan Calling for Plumber with Snake (Not boa!)

Home Security Expert needed by Bond, James Bond

Superman needs interior designer

Remodel Vodelmort's Serpent-Style Home (Hey, you might even survive until the you're done with the job!)

Rooster Needs Fence to Stop Chickens Crossing Road

Bricks needed for pyramid scheme

Jabba the Hutt Toilet Bowl Plunging

Lady Sylvanis requests elevator repair