Enhanced Geothermal Systems Technology

Geothermal means to get heat from the earth and is derived from the Greek vocabulary, 'Geo' which means earth and 'thermal' which means heat. A new geothermal power has been created from (EGS) enhanced geothermal systems. Reservoirs have been created from geothermal resources normally not very economical due to lack of water level and permeability. This new technology has the possibility to extract energy from heat deep in the earth that will help towards the energy requirements of the US. This amazing discovery means that by using EGS technology a possible 100,000 mwE of electricity could be providing power in less than 50 years.

The mission of the (DOE) Department of Energy is to create artifical geothermal systems that produce energy. Below is the research and activities invloved in pursuing enhanced geothermal systems technology.

  • Test the long term flow of the reservoirs at the Coso Hot Springs geothermal field on the U.S Naval Weapons Air Station on China Lake in the state of California
  • Preparatory testing of the flow of the enhanced reservior at Desert Peak in the state of Nevada.
  • Assess and evaluate the experiments of well bore stimulation
  • Flow testing analysis at The Geysers in the state of California
  • Stimulating a well with chemicals at Glass Mountain, Long Valley Caldera, in the state of California

Another part of the DOA mission is to sponsor various workshops and explore the different areas of enhanced geothermal technologies together with other members of the industry. The content and findings of these workshops will be available as (DOE's) Workshop Documents.