Our Team

Our talented, international, and diverse team strives to offer you the best possible solutions to your home remodeling doubts and queries. We work together to bring you the latest and most in-depth information out there.
Vassie Fitzgerald
Chief Operating Officer
As co-Founder of SolarReviews.com, Vassie has always had a strong drive toward efficient, smart homes. With a background in IT and business management, he and the team at SolarReviews.com will add their support in extending and growing Fixr.com to provide increasingly detailed and interesting content on all aspects of home improvement.
Subject Matter Expert
John A. D’Annunzio has over 35 years of experience in roofing, building exteriors, and waterproofing consulting and has completed projects throughout the world. He has written five books about roofing/waterproofing and over 100 articles published in construction trade magazines. He has also conducted extensive research in material technology, the results of which have been reported at numerous national and global symposiums and conferences. Mr. D’Annunzio frequently conducts seminars and webinars related to building exterior technology.
Adam Graham
Construction Industry Analyst
Adam Graham is a construction industry analyst at Fixr.com. He has experience writing about home construction, interior design, and real estate. He communicates with experts and journalists to make sure we provide the most up-to-date and fact-checked information. He has been featured in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, and written for various outlets including the National Association of Realtors, and Insurance News Net Magazine.
Chad Emery
Partner Relationship Manager
Chad is in charge of developing and maintaining strong relationships with our partners. He is constantly seeking new business opportunities and to make the Fixr.com vision a reality.
Cristina Miguelez
Remodeling Specialist
Cristina has more than 4 years of experience in the remodeling and home design sector. She joined Fixr.com in 2017 and has since been working constantly with industry experts to bring the most accurate and reliable information regarding news, trends, and advice to homeowners and other industry pros. Her work has appeared in major industry publications, like Forbes, Realtor.com and the official publication of the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association.
Fabiola Marin
Editing Assistant
Irena Martincevic
Industry analyst
Irena is an industry analyst at Fixr.com. She analyzes and looks for visual ways to simplify data. She has been researching and writing about personal finance since 2018. At Fixr.com, she is constantly looking to give homeowners the best advice on how to invest in their homes.
Juana Zito
Editing Assistant
Laura Madrigal
Editing Assistant
Laura is a new member of the Fixr.com editing team whose expectations for her dream home have considerably increased since she started working in the home improvement field. Her special interests are outdoor spaces and painting projects. She loves learning new things every day, which is key to her job when creating content to help homeowners with their home improvement projects.
Nieves Caballero
Senior Home Improvement Editor
Nieves is a senior editor at Fixr.com with over 5 years of experience in home improvement. Daughter of an experienced contractor, she has been in love with the home improvement world since a young age. Having helped in the past in her father's company, she now brings all her knowledge and interest about remodeling to help you make a more informed decision about your home renovating projects.
Nieves Martinez
Home Remodeling Editor
Nieves is a home remodeling editor at Fixr.com with special interest in landscaping, pest control, painting, installation, and repair projects. She brings her work ethic, creativity, and love for teamwork into everything she does, including working with writers and designers at Fixr.com to develop useful and comprehensive guides for homeowners.
Ornella Bianco
Home Improvement Content Specialist
Ornella is a home improvement content specialist at Fixr.com. As an interior design enthusiast, she is always researching home renovation projects and communicating advice to homeowners through our reports and visualizations. She enjoys creative problem solving and being on top of sustainable home remodeling trends.
Paula Reguero
Editing Assistant
Paula is a recent addition to the Fixr.com editing team. She loves problem-solving, which makes her passionate about repair projects, and she works hard with the team of writers and editors to provide you with the most useful information.
Stefania Filizola
Design Editor
Stefania is a design editor at Fixr.com, writing about home improvement tips and trends to help homeowners make better remodeling decisions. As a former surface designer, she loves wallpapers and textured walls to make a statement and bring color to the home. With a passion for reducing waste, she is always researching new ways to make the home more sustainable.