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$60.00 to $90.00 / hour -  2 Q&A

Remodeling cost guides

Garage Organizer System Cost
Typical average cost to install a garage organizer system in Lexington is about $2,500 (medium-sized garage organizer system with workbench, shelves, cabinets, hooks, and overhead storage, installed professionally)

Electric Fired Boiler System Cost
Average cost to install an electric fired boiler system in Lexington is over $3,000 (27,000btu electric hot water boiler for radiant floor heating of 800sq.ft.)

Home Security System Cost
Total cost to install a home security system in Lexington is over $1,400 (basic monitored system on a three-year contract, including the monitoring fee)

Sprinkler System Cost
Average cost to install a sprinkler system in Lexington is around $5,500 (in-ground sprinkler system with an average controller on ½ acre)

Off-Grid Solar System Cost
Average cost to go off-grid with solar in Lexington is over $50,000 (a 7kw system for a home with average energy needs in a moderately sunny climate, installed)