3+ Hot Tub & Spa Contractors in Cambridge, MA

Shower, Bathtub Repair & Installation

Nu-look Refinishing

BostonMA 02108
 12 Q&A -  9 pictures
 12 Q&A -  9 pictures

Bathtub Repair and Resurfacing

John Donaruma

PO Box 189,
HudsonMA 01749

Bathtub Reglazing

Edward Vorce

75 Priest St. ,
HudsonMA 01749
 1 Q&A
 1 Q&A

Hot Tub Repair and Replacement

DC Contracting

SalemMA 01970
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Remodeling cost guides

Hot Tub Repair Cost
Average cost to repair a hot tub in Cambridge is about $980 - $2,800 (annually, fixing of appliances, replacement of worn-out parts, and minimal upgrading of parts)

Hot Tub Installation Cost
Typical cost to install a hot tub in Cambridge is over $4,900 (5'x6'x30')

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