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7+ Roofing Contractors in Greensboro, NC

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Disability Attorney

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Limousine Rental

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Roofing Replacement and Repair

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Certified Roofing Service

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Family Law Attorney

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Audit Software

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Remodeling cost guides

Flat Roof Repair Cost
Typical cost to repair a flat roof in Greensboro is about $460 (patching and sealing up a mild to moderate crack in the roof)

Composite Roofing Installation Cost
Total cost to have composite roofing installed in Greensboro is over $5,010 (2400 sq.ft. roof in a 2 story house)

Slate Roof Cost
Typical cost to install slate roof in Greensboro is around $13,650 - $18,200 (semi-weathering slate with 3/16” thick tiles on a 1,500 sq.ft. roof)

Green Roof Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install green roof in Greensboro is about $20,020 (two-story extensive green roof with a variety of plants)

Repair Roof Cost
Typical cost to repair a roof in Greensboro is over $590 (patch moderate leak repair replacing 100 sq.ft. of asphalt roof and resealing it)