7+ Water Filtration Specialists in Astoria, NY

Remodeling cost guides

Water Heater Repair Cost
Average cost to repair a water heater in Astoria is over $870 (flushing mineral deposits out of a water heater tank)

Water Treatment System Cost
Average cost to install a water treatment system in Astoria is over $4,830 (installation of a whole-house reverse osmosis system with sediment filter)

Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost
Typical cost to install a tankless water heater in Astoria is over $5,420 (150,000 btu tankless whole-house gas water heater, installed)

Bottled Water Delivery Cost
Typical cost to have bottled water delivered in Astoria is over $90 (three 5-gallon jugs of spring water delivered monthly with equipment rental)

Solar Water Heater Installation Cost
Total cost to install a solar water heater in Astoria is over $17,370 (installation of 100-gallon solar active indirect water heater system)