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3+ Garage Door Contractors in Cleveland, OH

ClevelandOH 44101

Garage Door Repair & Installation

ClevelandOH 44113
 4 pictures
 4 pictures

Garage Door Repair & Installation

ClevelandOH 44114
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- $249.00 to $300.00 / hour -  2 pictures
- $249.00 to $300.00 / hour -  2 pictures
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Remodeling cost guides

Door Trim Cost
Typical cost to install window trim in Cleveland is around $170 (for a higher quality and decorative wood)

Build a Parking Garage Cost
Typical average cost to build the average parking garage in Cleveland is about $9.56 million (145k square feet)

Build Attached Garage Cost
Typical cost to build a garage in Cleveland is over $8,030 - $28,930 (1 - 2 cars)

Entry Door Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install an entry door in Cleveland is over $540 - $750 (prehung aluminum door, with removal of the old one)

Garage Organizer System Cost
Typical average cost to install a garage organizer system in Cleveland is over $2,790 (medium mid-grade garage organizer system, delivery included)