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Remodeling cost guides

Post Construction Cleaning Cost
Total cost to clean a house after construction in Providence is over $730 (post construction cleaning of an average-sized residential home and windows)

Sewer Line Cleaning Cost
Typical cost to clean the sewer line in Providence is about $280 (main sewer line cleaning with minimal-to-no excavation to access the cleanout)

Window Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to have windows cleaned in Providence is about $350 (clean 22 standard double-hung windows and full screens)

Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost
Total cost to clean tile and grout in Providence is around $620 (steam cleaning and water blasting 260 square feet of tile and grout, professionally done)

Downspout Installation Cost
Total cost to install downspouts in Providence is around $540 (four 12-foot galvanized steel downspouts, installed)