1 Source Apartments

Apartment for Rent in Irving, TX

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1 Source Apartments

Apartment for Rent in Irving, TX

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About 1 Source Apartments

Uptown Dallas Apartments can be your next home! Want to know how? With 1 Source Apartments, you can easily get a great range of real estate options in the Uptown Dallas area that fits in your budget expectations. 1 Source offers free assistance and you can rent out a home among the Dallas Apartments.

We cover a lot of regions in Dallas itself, so no matter where you want to shift, you can get amazing deals with them free of cost. Your Dallas apartments hunting ends with 1 Source, your go-to apartment locators.

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1 Source Apartments are the leading real estate locators in Dallas, Texas. If you are hunting for suitable accommodation options in the region, then they can provide you unlimited options that will fit your pocket as well. They offer complete real estate services and specialize in residential apartments. With them you can easily find a flat in Frisco or Coppell Apartments of the region to rent or purchase. Their services have been recommended by immigrants, re-locators, students and many more. So, if you want an apt flat for your living, get their expert help and find your dream home in Dallas.​

Questions and Answers

  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
Does your company offer a free move?
  • How did you get started?
Known as the one of the best apartment locators in Dallas, 1 Source started its journey in 1999 as DFW Reality Group and helping people to get the apartments of their choice. Changing our name to 1 Source Apartments and shifting our main office from Lewisville to Irving in 2010, we have emerged as one of the most trusted names in the industry. Having more than 30 agents, our real estate company boasts to help you with all your real estate and rental needs without asking for any fees as well.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
What will be our service charges?Obviously it will be least one.In which location we deals with?
  • What reward a referral will get if he refer his friend?
  • Do we have any other branch in any other state?
  • Will it be possible to check apartments online?
  • Will it be possible to pay in installments?
  • Who will handle the legal proceedings?
  • Will it possible to buy the house if we want?
  • Do you offer any other incentives?
  • What are the lease incentives?
  • How do I get the lease incentive?
Why do I need to list my agent as the referral source on my guest card & application?I have a broken lease/eviction/apartment debt. Can you still help me find a place?
  • How can we save money hiring you?
We are providing our service free of cost. Not only this if you will refer your any friend or relative to us, you will be provided with $50 Visa Gift Coupon.
  • What are you most proud of?
  • Dallas Apartments
  • Addison Apartments
  • Allen Apartments
  • Carrollton Apartments
  • Coppell Apartments
  • Frisco Apartments
  • McKinney Apartments
  • Irving Apartments
  • Lewisville Apartments
  • Plano Apartments
  • Richardson Apartments
  • Uptown Dallas Apartments
  • Downtown Dallas Apartments
  • Downtown Fort Worth Apartments
  • HEB Apartments
  • Bedford Apartments
  • Euless Apartments
  • Keller Apartments
  • Ft. Worth Apartments
  • Fort Worth Apartments
  • Arlington Apartments
  • What we may not know about you?
We provide $50-$150 in dining dough gift certificates depending on your lease amount that can be redeemed at http://www.diningdough.com/. They offer hundreds of local restaurants on their website and you can chose certificates anywhere from $10 to $100 off.
Irving, TX 75063
   (972) 869-3733
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Going to 1 Source apartments was one of the best decisions I made for my apartment search. These guys were genuinely helpful in finding a good apartment for me in Dallas. I was in particularly impressed with their customer support executives who were always available for me in case I had queries.
From my side, I would like to rate them a 5 Star apartment locator would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an apartment in Dallas.


Thanks for your efforts 1 Source. It would not have been possible for my family to relocate from Tennessee without your help. Your team provided my great help and truly the best apartment too. Keep going!

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