3 Day Flooring Kitchen and Baths

Most remodels done in 3 Days! in Pacoima, CA

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3 Day Flooring Kitchen and Baths

Most remodels done in 3 Days! in Pacoima, CA

Get free estimates from contractors near you
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About 3 Day Flooring Kitchen and Baths

3 Day Flooring kitchens and bath is a one stop shop for home remodeling. We have laminate flooring, engineered hardwood, carpeting, ceramic and porcelain tile for everywhere in your home. We specialize in refinishing or installation of new walk in showers and baths. We provide full kitchen remodels including demolition, new cabinet installation, new granite or quartz counter top installation, back splash or mosaic accents. Call today for more information.

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We specialize in Kitchen, Bathroom, and Flooring Remodeling and many more things!


Some of the brands we work with are Daltile, Emser Tile, Urban Floor, Eternity, Qortstone and many more!

Questions and Answers

  • What types of jobs are the most common?
Kitchen Remodeling is the most common job we receive.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
Ask to see their certificates -- are they bonded, Licensed and insured?
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
50 to 100
  • What are you most proud of?
Converting a tub/shower combo into a handicapped-accessible shower for a disabled person.
  • What we may not know about you?
We are LICENSED General Contractor-- we can do EVERYTHING to your home, including building you a NEW one!
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
All work comes with a warranty -- length differs with material.
  • How can we save money hiring you?
BEWARE of lower-priced materials -- some cabinets are made with particle board, which deteriorates when used in an environment with extremes of temperature (aka kitchen). Particle board is made with formaldehyde, which converts to a gassy substance in your kitchen.
  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
You should research costs from the 'big box" stores (Lowe's, Home Depot). Once you have their price, get ours. it's LOWER!
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
Is there anything I have to do before you start? Yes -- please make sure the work area is cleared out of your personal stuff and make sure your pets are secured as well. We LOVE dogs, but sometimes dogs don't like changes to their "home."
  • What is important to know about your profession?
A new kitchen does not have to cost a fortune! With modular cabinet design, you get the look and quality of custom made cabinets, at a ready-to-assemble price.
Pacoima, CA 91331
   (818) 686-6333
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