A Servant's Heart (Personal Concierge & Assisting Services)

Personal Concierge, Organizer and Family Assistant in Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale, CA

About A Servant's Heart (Personal Concierge & Assisting Services)

In this crazy world of multiple demands and very little time, we all could use someone to delegate to! I am that person.

As a single mom to a teenager and former executive assistant, I now help as a personal concierge, consultant, family assistant, and more. I can help with whatever you need--as much or as little. (Hourly and project pricing available below.)

Organizing kitchens & pantries to include inside-cabinet labeling of where things go to easily identify how to find items and put them away.

Organizing and de-cluttering of closets and downsizing clothes (by donating to your favorite charity), thereby allowing more room to bring in new items and gain better efficiency in finding items.

Installing shelves, putting together entertainment centers, hanging curtain rods, planting a garden. By teaming with you, together we complete household projects.

Grocery-shopping and meal preparation frees up your time and allows you often to come home to a meal in-waiting. Nutritious, healthy meals and healthy snacks for you and your family.

Travel planning (for business or pleasure) researched with all logistics arranged by coordinating and consulting with you to get you where you want to go for the right price at the right time. As a personal concierge, I will help you have that vacation or travel excursion you want and need.

Childcare/nanny service on-call is available as well. With a degree in child development and also a previous lead teacher for an afterschool program at a preschool for K-5th graders, I can help with homework, do fun craft projects, teach or support household chores, thereby having fun while learning. (I also have taught children to cook/bake, which is wonderful for getting them to eat better while learning math skills.)

Administrative services (virtual or onsite): Allow me to organize your office, set up filing systems, update your contact list, create a budget-tracking spreadsheet, monitor or manage your calendar, confirm your appointments, consult your marketing endeavors and improve your business development, etc. As an executive assistant/office manager for over 20 years in Silicon Valley, I have the technical savvy and professional talents for helping your small business and/or your family. (Resume available upon request.)

If it's ethical and legal, I'll do it! Contact me to know more about what I can do for you.


  • Organizing
  • De-cluttering
  • Cooking
  • Meal planning
  • Life-balance consulting
  • Administrative support
  • Child Developement
  • Travel and Event planning

Remodeling cost guides

Closet Organization Installation Cost
Typical cost to install closet organizers in Sunnyvale is about $2,620 - $3,930 (prefab wood or laminate system with minor upgrades)

Garage Organizer System Cost
Typical average cost to install a garage organizer system in Sunnyvale is around $3,420 (medium mid-grade garage organizer system, delivery included)

Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Contact Robin Vecchio
Payment options
Robin Vecchio accepts cash, checks and Paypal
Hourly rate: From $20 to $50
Cities served
San Jose, Fremont, Hayward, Sunnyvale, San Mateo, Redwood City, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Livermore and other cities within 40 miles of Sunnyvale.

Ongoing support through regular or seasonal visits or on an as-needed basis.

Coaching, consulting and caring to empower them to learn and uphold new habits in order to maintain what we've accomplished.

I usually assist an average of about 6 clients per year but need to increase this number, which is why I'm here. Some required on-going maintenance, but most do not. I'd like to find some that do that I can lock in with.

Personal concierge service is a new business. It's one that, in the near future, especially in this valley with our hectic lifestyles, will be needed by families and working individuals as much as house cleaners, gardeners and the like.

Nothing can buy you quality of life like investing in a service like this so that your time becomes spent on your GET TO'S, not your HAVE TO'S. Investment in allowing me to take things off your plate will free you up to spend time with your children, your pets, your hobbies, or just relax.

"Don't put off till tomorrow what you can delegate today!"

I'm a single mom of a teenage son that I've raised since birth on my own. I'm a native of Northern California, being born in SF, and being raised in Silicon Valley. I have a hi-tech background so much of my skill-set and multi-tasking from corporate, I bring into the homes and small businesses of the private clients I now serve.

I have a strong passion for family values and want to support that structure any way I can. I want to free up individuals to pursue their passions in life by being there to support them.

Purchase a pre-paid block of time (5, 10, 15 hrs.) up front and save on your hourly rate per each block of time purchased. Project pricing also available and suggested for open-ended projects with lots of variables.

How do you determine the best use of your time when coming to help me or my family?

What do you charge and how do you bill accordingly?

I left corporate America when the economy turned and while looking to go back into an office environment, I began helping others to earn money to pay rent. One thing led to another, and I found that more and more people needed help, and I have a heart for bringing quality of life to others and can do that I've found by what I do.

I assisted a woman with a very cluttered 3-car garage. She was stressed every time she entered the garage and knew she needed help. She called me in. I first took a survey of the garage with her, saw the many unorganized cabinets she wasn't using efficiently, made a few suggestions to her on how to arrange the space to accommodate not only the vehicles, but also other hobby items, storage and more.

She got empowered after 2 visits by me so much that she actually started going out 2 hrs. per week on her own to complete the task!



I have hired Robin as a Personal Assistant when my own work load has been overwhelming. She is indespensable in helping me meet time sensitive goals. She is resouceful and prompt in delivery. She is a job to have on my team.

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