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About AAA Heating, Cooling and Electric, Co.

We service, replace, and maintain all heating, cooling, and electrical systems in your home. We offer same-day service and emergency service as well.

We are family owned and operated, so you will always pay less than you would at other companies.


We specialize in residential and multi-family equipment change-outs. We have licensed and experienced employees. We also have licensed electrical services. We offer free estimates and lower priced service calls. We always have our customers best interest in mind and try to repair vs. replace if its feasible. Our customer cut down on there maintaince cost with a low $89.00 Furnace or AC Start up. If you do have any problems with your system we waive the call fee for free. Any questions please call 913-815-0411 or 816-585-1313


We offer Goodman with the best in warranty and a leader in reliability. All our units some with a minimum 5 year warranty and some products offering a lifetime warranty. We also have a 10 year labor warranty that's backed by Goodman Mfg. so you can be sure that your covered.

Remodeling cost guides

Window Air Conditioning Cost
Typical cost to install window air conditioning in Kansas City is around $550 (window a/c for a 440 sq.ft. room - upgraded)

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Typical cost to clean air ducts in Kansas City is over $310-$520 (standard professional cleaning)

Gas Central Heating Installation Cost
Total cost to install a gas central heating in Kansas City is about $6,240 - $8,320 (pre-existing duct)

Heat Pump Cost
Typical average cost to install a heat pump system in Kansas City is around $7,800 (2,000 sq.ft. house - geothermal)

Air Conditioning Cost
Typical cost to install air conditioning in Kansas City is around $2,600 (ductless a/c for 2000 sq.ft. zone)

Kansas City, MO 64126
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Payment options
Justin Kirkpatrick accepts cash and checks

I have a Masters in Electrical and An EPA 608 license. I am Lead certified and am certified to work in homes pre 1978 without leaving a contaminated home for children to get lead poisoning. Not many contractors have this certification because its not enforced or made very public. We value our customers and want to be the best that we can be for you. I am also a certified preventive Maintenance Contractor who knows how to prevent breakdown and extend the life of your equipment wither we installed it or not.

Cities served
Kansas City, Kansas City, Overland Park, Independence, Olathe, Lees Summit, Shawnee, Blue Springs, Lenexa, Leavenworth and other cities within 60 miles of Kansas City.

Let us install an energy efficiency system that will save you more $$ on your utility bill year after year.

Are you certified to remove and recycle the equipment and Freon that you are removing? To many times contractors don't remove the toxic contaminates and just release them in our atmosphere. At AAA we have all the latest's in recovery equipment and recycle all excess and removed equipment and materials. We offer the latest in high efficiency and eco-friendly equipment with the world of tomorrow in mind. Any questions please call 913-815-0411 or 816-585-1313

We have maintenance reminders and offer same-day and 24-hr service. We have our seasonial equipment tune-up for $89.00 for equipment we didn't install and $65.00 for equipment installed by us. All our new equipment comes with a 5-10 year parts warranty and a lifetime on the heat exchanger warranty.

We offer the same equipment as the big company's just for a lower price with all the same warranty's. We buy straight from the manufacture and pass the savings onto you.

I have been in the electrical / Hvac field for over 15 years. We started with providing high effient systems and the new R-410 system change outs. We have done over 800 apartments and serviced over 3000 homes since starting our business in 2011. We are a small company with our customers being our roots and foundation that have made us a success.

When its time to have a service professional service your heating, cooling or electrical not all company's are the same. Many try to get in the door and sell you on equipment that's not needed. Or they will promise you savings on utility bills that just don't add up. We believe in offering you options and real advise on the cost and the recouping of your dollars on you utility bills.

Make sure that you know the age of your equipment and the SEER rating of it. Many times people are sold new systems when there equipment was still in good mechanical shape. Also do your research on the savings of a new system vs the current system. We offer a savings calculator on or website in the toolbox tab.

All of our jobs are of high important and make a fulfillment in my life. Most times when we are called out to service a home the unit is inoperable or in disrepair. Its gives me a prepuce when we leave and the customer is comfortable and knows that they made the best decision. Many times in this business we are called out to home for a bid opportunity and the system can be repair vs. replaced as said by another contractor. Our bids even end up 30-50% lower than our competitors, with the same equipment and warranty's.

The most work that we see is in the spring and summer when the AC's are in need of servicing.

In a year we service around 1500 homes.

What is the expected life of a HVAC system? There are many factors that contribute to this, lack of maintenance and improper charging of the Freon leading to a premature failing of equipment.


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