Ace Wood Flooring Inc.

Flooring Products in Smithfield, RI

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Ace Wood Flooring Inc.

Flooring Products in Smithfield, RI

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About Ace Wood Flooring Inc.

Ace Wood Flooring was established in Rhode Island in 1967. We professionally install, stain, refinish, sand and repair all types of hardwood floors throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

What sets us apart from other flooring companies is our experience and ability to listen to the needs of our customers, assess the situation correctly and find the best flooring solution. Every situation is unique, that?s why we offer Rhode Island?s best selection of flooring solutions and services which include; Prefinished, Unfinished and Engineered Hardwood as well as Luxury Vinyl, Tile and Carpeting.

Our experienced crews set the standard for quality flooring installation, repair, refinishing, staining and sanding in Rhode Island and all of Southern New England. We use the best flooring materials, products and stain and always leave our customers homes neat and clean with little or no dust.

Our mission is to provide the best flooring solutions and services at the best Price. We also provide 100% financing. Unlike the others, we always answer the phone.

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Questions and Answers

  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
  • What should you know before buying wood floors?
  • Which wood flooring finish Is right for you?
  • What am I trying to achieve? Is the look of the floor more important or the durability?
  • How will this floor hold up under my situation?
  • How durable is my selection?
  • Does my family wear shoes in the house- especially work boots or high heels?
  • Will my children's toys be rough on my floor?
  • How much sunlight will be on the floor? (Direct light will change floor color and fade flooring.)
  • Do you have dogs? (Their nails will dent the floor)
  • Should I Buy a Pre-Finished Hardwood Floor or an Unfinished Hardwood Floor?
  • Can I Get a Carpet Cheap?
Smithfield, RI 02917
   (401) 241-3966
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Ace Wood Flooring did an incredible job installing my new rugs. It was a pleasant and easy transition with no issues and the installer was tentative and professional during this project. I would recommend this company for all your flooring/carpet needs and I will certainly refer to all my friends & family.

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